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2 foot 6
Kelsey McDowell66
Isabella Martin58
Juliana Jiranek57
Cameryn Clore53
Desha Gaston46
Kelci Culbert46
2 foot
Grace Walker47
Johnna Sylvester38
Sarah Southard35
Emily Sikora30
Tyler Buresh30
Celia Boyd30
Marran Van Sickle10
Caroline Lainhoff21
Olivia Moretti21
Hannah Beckley20
Destiny Seely18
Kelli Brennan18
Michaela Coleman17
Callie Gothard16
American Interschool Riding Competition

Purpose: To provide a friendly and instructional riding competition between students of member riding schools during the winter season, and to encourage and promote team sportsmanship.

Riders: The Question in Class 8 will be chosen by the judge from the Riding Theory section of the USHJA Study Guide for Horsemanship Quiz Challenge.

Study Guide

Farm Meet 1 Meet 2 Meet 3 Meet 4 Finals Total
Level Green 1746273700279
Touch Point Farm 1556479600258
Kelly's Ford Eq. 1675572600254
Prestige Training 1396750700226
Touch Point Farm 2606540500215
Level Green 2416651480206
Cedar Knoll Farm 1504845460189
EKG Stables375745490188
Prestige Training 238305941168
Cedar Knoll Farm 2583539340166
Kelly's Ford Eq. 2484330430164
Hunter Lane472130440142

Cedar Knoll Farm
EKG Stables
Hunter's Lane
Kelly's Ford Eq. Center
Level Green
Prestige Training
Touch Point Farm